Brisbane Writers Festival 2015

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Wow. What a week! I am absolutely exhausted and slept for 14 hours last night, but it was so worth it. I was at the festival Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday and it was very full on every day. I got to manage the book signing table and escort artists from the greenroom to their events. In my free time (not that there was much of that) I got to go to a few events and get some books sighed by some very lovely authors! I think one of the highlights for me was when I was supposed to be escorting Cassandra Clare to one of her events and she abandoned her husband in the bathroom on the way! He came out and said to me “I knew she’d do that! I’m just glad someone waited for me.”

The Events:

Love YA: Daniel Herborn, Christine Bongers, and Deb Fitzpatrick

Love YA: Daniel Herborn, Christine Bongers, and Deb Fitzpatrick

-Love YA: Christine Bongers, Deb Fitzpatrick, and Daniel Herborn discuss love, relationships, and the extraordinary existence of ordinary human beings

These are some amazing Australian YA authors and I definitely recommend their books to you. I honestly think this was my favourite event! The authors were so honest and hilarious and it would be hard not to love them. Their books have some serious issues and really address those particular to Australia and Australian culture.

@elle.biblio and Cassandra Clare

elle.biblio as Tessa Gray and Cassandra Clare

Delicious Cupcakes

Delicious Cupcakes

-Love YA: Cassandra Clare and Holly Black Cosplay Party

My favourite part of this was the cupcakes haha. But they were just so delicious! I had met these two lovely ladies earlier in the festival, so I spent my time at this event discussing the books with other fans which was heaps of fun.

Ancient Myths Modern Tales: Angela Slatter, Sjón, Kelly Link, and Holly Black

Ancient Myths Modern Tales: Angela Slatter, Sjón, Kelly Link, and Holly Black

-Ancient Myths Modern Tales with Holly Black, Kelly Link, Sjón, and Angela Slatter

This panel was pretty good, but as one of the last events at the festival, everyone was feeling a bit drained and I think we all just needed to go to bed. I loved Sjón’s tale of The Christmas Cat, though! I will definitely be telling that one to my children to make them appreciate their Christmas gifts.

The Amazing Authors I Met: (There were tons of authors, so I only met a fraction of them)

Cassandra Clare, elle.biblio, and Holly Black

Cassandra Clare, elle.biblio, and Holly Black

Robert Adamson, poet (The Goldfinches of Baghdad, The Clean Dark)

Holly Black (Spiderwick Chronicles, Magisterium, The Coldest Girl in Cold Town)

Christine Bongers (Intruder, Dust)

David Burton (How to Be Happy)

Jane Caro (Just a Girl and Just a Queen)

Steven Carroll (A World of Other People, The Lost Life)

Cassandra Clare (TMI, TID, Magisterium)

Kate Durbin, poet (E! Entertainment)

Nick Earls (48 Shades of Brown, Perfect Skin, Headgames)

Annah Faulkner (Last Day in the Dynamite Factory, The Beloved)

Deb Fitzpatrick (90 Packets of Instant Noodles, The Break, Have You Seen Ally Queen?)

Anita Heiss (Tiddas, Am I Black Enough for You?)

Daniel Herborn (You’re the Kind of Girl I Write Songs About) LINK

Kelly Link (Get In Trouble, Magic For Beginners)

Fiona McIntosh (Valisar Trilogy, Nightingale, The Last Dance)

Brenton McKenna (Ubby’s Underdogs)

Josephine Moon (The Chocolate Promise, The Tea Chest)

Graeme Simsion (The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect)

Alice Pung (Laurinda, Her Father’s Daughter, Meet Marley)

Emily Rodda (Deltora Quest, Rowan of Rin)

Renata Singer (Older and Bolder: Life After 60)

Angela Slatter (The Girl with No Hands, Dark Winged Angels)

R. A. Spratt (Nanny Piggins, Friday Barns)

Sjón (The Blue Fox, From the Mouth of the Whale)


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