Drag Yourself Out of That Reading Slump

Reading Slump

I may read a lot of books each year, but I still fall into that (sometimes) fathomless hole that is a reading slump. This happens most often when I am supposed to read something I don’t want to read (i.e. for school) or if I have nothing to do (i.e. school work) so I cannot use reading as a form of procrastination. No matter what causes your reading slump, I have a few tips and ideas to get you out of that hole and put a book back in your hands.

  1. Goodreads. Looking at books is almost a sure-fire way of making you want to read books. Try searching new and upcoming releases for a fresh start on reading; check out Listopia for some great lists of books organised in genres, release date, of ‘Best of…’; have a look at what Goodreads is recommending to you, you may just find your next read, or; scroll through the Giveaways because what is better than the idea of getting free books?
  2. BookTube. Whether it is watching book talks, reviews, unboxings, wrap ups, or hauls, seeing others excited about books will surely make you excited about books!

Here is a list of some of my favourite BookTube channels (the names are links to their channels):

*please note, it is totally acceptable to watch hours of YouTube videos about books

  1. Book Shopping. Online or instore, whatever floats your boat, but seeing all those millions of beautiful books for sale will stir something in those little grey cells of yours (Poirot reference to brains). I personally recommend shopping instore because like BookTube, you can see other nerds (but actually in the flesh) getting excited about books. It’s also great because you can ask the friendly bookstore staff for recommendations! However, if you are on a budget, book shopping online is often cheaper but what’s to stop you checking out books instore and then going home to order them online?
  2. Book Blogs. Read some posts and reviews by your favourite bloggers! If you don’t have any favourite bloggers, check out my favourite bloggers in the list on the left hand side of my home page.
  3. Movies. If for some strange, unknown reason options 1-3 didn’t work out for you, try watching a book to movie adaptation, which might then inspire you to pick up that book! This is what happened to me with The Hunger Games, I had absolutely no interest in the books until I saw the first movie. I then went and bought all three books and marathon-ed them in a week…

Happy Reading!


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