Beach Reads

I love being at the on holidays at the beach, especially since this is the time of year I can get the most reading done! I know everyone has different ideas of the perfect book to read at the beach, so I thought I’d suggest some books to pack for the next time you spend a day on the sand.

Happy Reading!

The Sunbather.

These people like to relax and read something that has a nice simple plotline and few characters so that they don’t have to concentrate on what they are reading and instead concentrate on how amazing it is to lay on the beach getting a tan! For this type of beach reader I recommend contemporary novels, whether they are romance or otherwise.

The Swimmer.

These people are the fish in water! They love swimming and have always dreamed about being able to breathe underwater or magically transform into a mermaid. For this type of reader I recommend paranormal/supernatural novels.

The Vampire.

These are the It-May-Be-A-Nice-Day-Outside-But-I’d-Rather-Read-Indoors people who love to lounge about reading something really engrossing and all-consuming. They just want to live inside the book, and imagine themselves as the adventurous protagonist. For this type of reader, I recommend fantasy novels.

The Explorer.

These are the people who like to explore the beach or discover the world beneath the waves, but also to sit back and explore the pages of a book. For this type of reader, I recommend historical fiction to take them to—perhaps not another place but—another time.


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