Rose Under Fire (Code Name Verity #2) | Elizabeth Wein

Rose Under Fire

Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein Published by: Electric Monkey (Egmont) Publication date: June 3rd 2013–Price: $24.99AUD–Image sourced from Goodreads

I can write again. Oh God! All those months of not being able to write! Of not being allowed to write. Knowing I’d be shot if I were caught. It seems like I have been in prison for so long.

Rose Justice is a young American ATA pilot, delivering planes and taxiing pilots for the RAF in the UK during the summer of 1944. A budding poet who feels most alive while flying, she is forced to confront the hidden atrocities of war—and the most fearsome.

Setting. 1940s war-torn Europe. And a prisoner of war camp. There are so many books about concentration camps and the genocide of European Jews (which isn’t a bad thing as it is so important to learn about), but there are very few YA historical fiction novels that deal with women in the war and the experience of a political prisoner. Rose Under Fire does just that and it is one of the most engrossing and heartbreaking books I’ve ever had the pleasure to read.

Characters. There are so many different types of women held prisoner in the Ravensbrük camp and it makes for one hell of a novel! Elizabeth Wein goes to extreme lengths to represent the many different prisoners through extensive research and the use of survivor accounts. It is amazing to see the friendships that grow in such dire circumstances as what these women/characters are in.

Plot. This is a book that one should go into knowing as little as possible to really enhance the reading experience. But please read this stunning novel; I promise it will change your life!

Writing. I do love this diary/written style of writing! And what really made this novel truly remarkable is the use of poetry, both famous poems and poems written especially for the novel. This is what makes the novel become a piece of art.

Elizabeth Wein is a literary genius and I sincerely hope that there is much more to come!

5/5 stars

Recommended to: absolutely everyone.

Please Note: all opinions are mine and are not endorsed with any company or organization. 


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