So I Bought Lady Midnight…

Lady Midnight

Yes, I did it. I went to the bookstore and got my hands on a copy of this highly anticipated new release. You might be wondering “Why is this a big deal?” Well, it’s a big deal because I have not read The Mortal Instruments and at this point I don’t plan to ever read them.

A few years ago, I did open City of Bones but I almost immediately put it back down. I managed to get through a third of the book before I swore off the whole series. I just couldn’t get into them and I couldn’t understand why they are so popular; they seemed incredibly melodramatic, the characters seemed really immature, and the whole premise seemed underdeveloped and unrealistic (as unrealistic as urban fantasy can be, anyway). So much teenage angst!

My sister enjoyed reading the Shadowhunter novels and suggested that even though I couldn’t stand The Mortal Instruments that I would still love The Infernal Devices, and she was right. A work colleague of my Dad gave me a set of the books and I read them in January last year. I stayed up for three nights in a row, bawling my eyes out as I read Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince, and Clockwork Princess. But even though I loved this trilogy so much, I still decided not to go back and read The Mortal Instruments.

And then in September I volunteered at the Brisbane Writer’s Festival where one of the guest authors was none other than Cassandra Clare. It’s clear that she loves her fans and enjoys talking about her books with them but if you’re not a hard-core fangirl who reads all the books and screams hysterically at the mere thought of particular characters—i.e. Jace Wayland and Will Herondale—then you will not get this special treatment (if you haven’t noticed, I do not like or agree with the whole fangirl culture and I think you can enjoy and appreciate something without acting in a ridiculously immature manner). This somewhat contributed to my decision to not read The Mortal Instruments or any other books just because a particular author has written them. It also made it clear to me that just because I like one book (or books) doesn’t mean that I will like everything that author has ever written.

So why did I decide to give Lady Midnight and The Dark Artifices a go? Well, it is because of the positive reviews I’ve been watching and reading. Sure, literally EVERYONE says that you have to read every Cassandra Clare novel, in order, as well as all the novellas to understand what is happening in the latest Shadowhunter book, but then I read this review by Emily from Loony Literate (CLICK HERE TO READ) which is completely what I needed to hear and you should definitely check it out!

After reading this review, I went and got a copy of Lady Midnight the next day.

So I guess the moral of the story is: don’t judge a book by the author, or vice versa.

What are your thoughts on this? I’d love to know your opinions but please remember that this post is simply OPINION BASED and I mean no harm or disrespect in any way to anyone.


4 thoughts on “So I Bought Lady Midnight…

  1. Demmi Writist says:

    I absolutely adored Lady Midnight and I don’t think you have to read The Mortal Instruments in order to understand it. The book stands on its own and there’s little reference to the characters in The Mortal Instruments alhough the two series are somewhat connected. I do think however you would appreciate it better if you’ve read TMI as well, but like I said you don’t have to. And if you read Lady Midnight first maybe there’s even no point in doing so since you’ll already know the conclusion of the main series and where Jace and Clary and the other characters ended up. I would suggest however giving them another try. I myself had to pick up City of Bones three times before I actually managed to finish it but after I did I found a new favorite. City of Ashes is probably gonna leave you a bit indifferent but City of Glass was abolutely amazing, and if you give the rest of the series a chance, it might surprise you in a good way. I have to say I’ve always liked TID better though and Lady Midnight is a close second favorite behind Clockwork Princess. So, yeah, I guess what I’m saying is that you don’t have to read The Mortal Instruments to read the other Shadowhunters novels but the series does get better if you read on, although I do prefer the characters in TID better than those in TMI. And I also love the relationships between the other characters (aside from Jace and Clary) which formed later on, so if you don’t read TMI you’ll miss out on some pretty amazing moments. But that’s just my opinion, and like you said everyone’s entitles to their own. 🙂


    • Thanks for your advice! I think for the moment I won’t be picking up TMI mostly because I already own so many books that I’d prefer to be reading but maybe in the future (while we are desperately waiting for the next Shadowhunters installment) I’ll go back to it. 🙂

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