The YA Chronicles: Volume Nine, Summer Daze Driftin’ Away

YA Chronicles May 2016

The YA Chronicles is an Australian based young adult book subscription service. For around $40AUS a month, you’ll get a new release YA book and 3-5 bookish goodies. In May I got the ninth edition of YA Chronicles box and I loved it! Next month’s theme is Pride Week so if that sound up your alley, check out their page in the link below. Also, check out the hashtag #theyachronicles on Instagram to see more awesome unboxings and reviews!

The YA Chronicles.png

Contents: (click on links to visit their websites)


From the theme, Summer Daze Driftin’ Away, and all the sneak peaks it was completely obvious what book and goodies were going to be in the May box. But that is why I bought it, because I knew for sure I was interested in all the shops involved and I thought it was high time I read a Morgan Matson book.


So I got everything I expected, but there weren’t any nice little surprises. My jasmine scented bath bomb smells DIVINE and I can’t wait to go home to use it (can’t have a bath at college…)!! The fairy bread candle is so cute but the scent is a bit sickly sweet for me, although I haven’t used it yet so it might smell different when it’s lit. I love the adorable little ice cream bookmark! I haven’t used a magnetic bookmark for years (because I worry about damaging the book pages but I’m definitely going to give this one a try. I’m really looking forward to reading my first Morgan Matson book (especially since this one has the cutest dogs on the cover) but unfortunately, but book was quite bent when it arrived… not really happy about that. How is a book even bent when it’s in a box like that?


I think that the price is reasonable considering the quality of the goodies and the fact that The YA Chronicles uses overnight shipping and you definitely get what you paid for in this box but it would be nice if they came with hardcover books more often (only the first edition: That Hero Nonsense had a hardcover book).


One thought on “The YA Chronicles: Volume Nine, Summer Daze Driftin’ Away

  1. That’s interesting that you had overnight delivery – I got the Feb and March boxes, and both took nearly a week to arrive (to Geelong, Vic). Either you’re nearby to their location or they’ve upgraded the service since I got my last box!


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