The Dragon’s Hoard July Box: Wild, Wild West

The Dragon's Hoard

The Dragon’s Hoard is a new Australian based book subscription service focused on fantasy/sci-fi with a dash of YA. For $30AUS +shipping a month, you’ll receive a book you’ve probably never heard of before as it is their goal to bring underappreciated book to avid reader’s attentions. In addition to the book, the box will include 3-5 goodies related to the book and that month’s theme. At this stage as the service is relatively new (just two months in) subscription is only available on a month-by-month basis but multi-month options—with discount—will be added soon! *Click on the logo to go to The Dragon’s Hoard website

I was lucky enough to be sent a box to review from the lovely Joyce at The Dragon’s Hoard but please note: this does not influence or bias my opinion in any way as it is my policy to always give my readers honest reviews of all books and book related items on Elle Biblio.



Firstly, I was super impressed with how quickly my box arrived, despite delays in the book shipment to The Dragon’s Hoard. Secondly, my box was very secure (I seriously struggled to open a cardboard box and had to get my handsome hero, a.k.a. scrawny boyfriend, to undo the box for me)! In other words, the items were very secure.

I’ve never heard of Karen Memory or Elizabeth Bear but this book sounds right up my ally! A steampunk reimagining of Jack the Ripper? Yes, please! I really like that this subscription box (at least so far) has offered lesser known books—it’s always great to discover new authors and minimise the chance of owning duplicates. *Click on the title of the book in the contents list for the Goodreads page.

I’m completely in love with the Wanted poster; it is absolutely perfect for any book addict (and is available for individual purchase through The Dragon’s Hoard website). And the candle… I may have spent my afternoon getting high on the scent! It’s called ‘Mon Cherie’ after a place in the book and it contains the addictive scents of meadow, bread, and campfire. Yum! The charm bracelet is definitely charming but unfortunately for me I have incredible small wrists and so the bracelet is a little big on me but I’m hoping as an amateur jewellery maker myself, I may be able to tighten it enough to wear without worrying about losing it.

Overall, I am very impresses by everything in the July ‘Wild, Wild West’ box and (even though this was provided to me for reviewing purposes) I believe that the contents value  is definitely worth the price of the service!


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