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This week, the Aussie YA Bloggers Group is spreading the #LoveOzYA love by sharing our favourite Aussie YA reads. It’s an amazing way to highlight the incredibly diverse Aussie YA books and authors with some old favourites and new releases!
Thanks so much to Jeann over at Happy Indulgenceand her fellow mods Genie in a BookLoony LiterateThoughts by J and My Life in Books for hosting this fun challenge.
Join the Twitter chat on Sunday 14 August at 6pm on #AusYABlogChat and @AusYABloggers!


What love about Aussie YA

I love feeling that great connection to the books because of the shared Australian experience. Also, colloquialisms; reading something that only other Aussies understand can be fun!

Favourite Aussie YA Authors

Juliet Marillier, Alison Goodman, Lili Wilkinson are just a few.

Childhood Aussie YA

My Big Birkett

Favourite Aussie YA Book Released in 2016

NevernightThis was one of my most recent reads and OMG. You must read this book now, and that is an ORDER! (well, not really, but you seriously need to read this)

Aussie YA Debut You Are Looking Forward To


I met this lovely lady at a meet-up with Maria V. Snyder earlier this year and she is amazing and hilarious and I’m positive her new YA book will be the same!

Favourite Aussie YA Series

Wildwood Dancing Cybeles Secret

Unexpected Aussie YA Surprise

The Dark Days Club - UK Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club - AUS The Dark Days Club - US

This is one of my all-time favourite books. I mean, I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t realise it was going to be THAT good! I can’t wait for the sequel Lady Helen and the Dark Days Pact.

Aussie YA Book You Always Recommend to Others

The Book Thief

Aussie YA Books On Your TBR

We’re only supposed to list one book, but there are so many I want to read!

Recommend Your Favourite Aussie (and NZ) YA Bloggers

Aimee @ My Life In Books

Annabelle for The Fictional Realm

Annie @ Dreaming of Cats

Ellie @ Capitol Books

Margot @ Lectito


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